Wealth and Tax Services

We are CFPs®️, Financial Advisors, and CPAs who offer equal parts wealth and tax solutions. By integrating your financial services, we help you gain financial opportunities. You get one team of professionals working together on your behalf. Our goal for you is two-fold: Less tax. More investment opportunities.


Wealth Solutions

Your team at InTandem includes CFPs®️, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors, and Financial Advisors. All working alongside CPAs to provide you with comprehensive financial, retirement, and estate planning services.

Tax Solutions

Our CPAs and tax advisors work with our financial team to provide tax solutions that make sense for you. We consider all aspects of your finances to help prevent you from overpaying and saving you money whenever possible. From tax planning to tax return preparation and business consulting, we have you covered.

Financial Planning

Planning for your future calls for a wide-eyed view of your financial situation. With professionals in both wealth and tax, we look at all aspects of your life to make tax-advantageous recommendations. Together, we’ll consider how the financial actions you take today could impact your tomorrow.

Tax Planning

Waiting until December 31 to deal with your taxes is a surefire way to miss financial opportunities. With CFPs®️, Financial Advisors, and CPAs working together on your behalf, we make sure you’re leveraging credits or deductions available to you and/or your business. We keep you informed all year so tax-season surprises become a thing of the past.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is like a chess game: each move is critical. A successful strategy requires thorough consideration of your current financial health, economic considerations, future expenditures and tax implications. With CFPs®️, Financial Advisors, and CPAs on your InTandem team, you get a seamless plan that can position you for the retirement you want.

Tax Return Preparation

When your CPA and Financial Advisor work together, you no longer have to bridge the gap between them. We give you an integrated wealth and tax team that works on your behalf to minimize your tax burden and maximize your financial gain. You spend less energy on your taxes, and more on what matters to you.