InTandem Specializes in Wealth & Tax for Psychiatrists.

We simplify your financial numbers so you can concentrate on your patients.

Psychiatrists are Not Financial Experts.

This may be rude, but we have learned that managing numbers is not something Psychiatrists enjoy. The “money” side of owning a private practice or tracking your multiple independent contractor payments is overwhelming. Let our team of financial experts manage your financial obligations now and into the future so you can concentrate on your expertise: helping patients.

“InTandem has turned the dreaded world of money into a situation I have control over. They set me up for financial success in my work and my personal life. InTandem understands psychiatry and the complex nature of what we do. InTandem has given me advice I understand, with solid results, minus the worry. Today, I’m confident about my financial decisions. I am prepared for tax deadlines, retirement, and my investments are thriving. I wish I had found them earlier!”


Financial planning and taxes are miles apart from the practice of Psychiatry. The team at InTandem are passionate about helping the Psychiatric community due to years of witnessing the difficult, important and rewarding work Psychiatrists do every day. We share a unique connection to this community thanks to family members who are Psychiatrists. InTandem is here to help you – not judge your financial or tax savviness. Let us help take this burden from you so you can help others.

"I just want to care for my patients and not talk about or deal with the financial side of medicine."

Sound familiar? Psychiatrists have been telling us this for years and we can make that happen. If you need help with your bookkeeping, tracking expenses, filing taxes, planning for retirement and more, schedule a call with us! We work with independent contractors (1099s), private practice owners, and employed Psychiatrists that hate paying taxes and have a portfolio exceeding $500,000.

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Your Challenges
private practice
Private Practice
  • How to start a private practice that will financially succeed.
  • How to charge patients.
  • How to manage bookkeeping and payroll.
  • How to find someone trustworthy that understands taxes.
  • How to plan for my retirement while balancing my medical school debt.
  • How to stop working and actually retire.

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Independent Contractor (1099)
  • How to get clarity on what I’m earning.
  • How to invoice and charge for my services.
  • How to track my expenses to pay less in tax.
  • How to prepare for taxes when I’m being paid from multiple sources.
  • How to pay off my student loans and plan for my retirement.
  • How to make sure I’m not working forever.

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Our Solutions
Business Setup & Support

Going into private practice is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. We learn about your business and then help you navigate everything from business entity structure to tax obligations. If your business is already set up, we can review and recommend little changes that can have a big impact on your profitability.

Bookkeeping Setup & Management

Our team can help you get setup with QuickBooks and/or help you clean it up. In addition, our team can help manage your bookkeeping. Together, we can decide the best way to help you and your business succeed.

Debt Management & Support

Psychiatrist student loan debt is crippling. When your income grows, it’s tempting to pay off your student loan debt first. This might be the right decision, however, it could also cost you thousands in the long run. InTandem can help you manage your debt and make smart decisions about your future because we take the time understand you and your financial goals.

Payroll Setup & Management

The team at InTandem can help set you up with a trusted provider to streamline payroll. We can also manage this for you so that there is one less thing on your perpetual to-do list.

Tax Planning & Mitigation

We all know that planning has benefits and when it comes to tax, these benefits can equate to thousands of dollars in your back pocket. Our team can help plan your personal and/or business taxes. In addition, proper planning can take away the stress surrounding your taxes.

Tax Preparation, Filing & Management

The annual tax deadline is a constant source of anxiety. When you work with InTandem, we can manage preparing and filing your taxes and ensure that you are not met with unexpected surprises.

Financial Planning & Retirement

If you don’t want to work forever, financial planning is imperative. Our team’s professional relationship with you means that we understand your life and financial goals. This enables us to create a financial plan and preferred retirement date. From there, we will work with you to achieve it.

Investment Strategy & Management

Once your financial plan is set, we work to create an investment strategy that is aligned with your financial goals. Our team of Financial Advisors keeps track of your investments and keeps you informed.

What to Expect

Starting anything new can be daunting, especially when it comes to your finances. To help, we’ve outlined what you can expect when working with InTandem:

Listen & Understand

Everything starts when you schedule the free consultation. Our team will meet with you to ensure that we are the right fit i.e. that we can help bring you relief from your financial stress. In our call (either via phone or video), we will ask questions and listen carefully so we fully understand you and how we can potentially help. Once we have a clear understanding, we move to the next step.

Review & Recommend

After our call, we review the information that you have provided (and sometimes more information that we have requested after the initial call). Our team of experts analyzes and then we typically schedule another call to share our recommendations. Please note: we will avoid using financial ‘jargon’ and aim to be as clear as possible regarding the next steps we are suggesting.

Action & Success

If you agree to our recommendations, we will begin to take action and implement them. Our team will communicate a clear timeline and apply our agreed next steps. Once we have completed the setup, we will work with you regularly to review and adjust as needed. Together, we will bring clarity and relief to your finances.

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