By combining equal parts wealth & tax, we remove the challenges of working with multiple professionals in different locations. This also allows us to help our clients pay less tax and as a result, have more money to invest. InTandem offers our clients a holistic team that has the full picture of your money. In addition, the in-depth experience of our team gives our clients access to the expertise and service level that ultra-wealthy individuals typically receive.

Odds are, yes. There are several ways to reduce your tax bill and having one team focused on both your tax and investments offers more options. We want to help you work smarter and not harder by reducing your tax obligations. Let us review your recent tax return and/or investment portfolio by clicking here. Our team will meet with you to outline how we can help.

Simply contact us via our website or schedule a call by clicking here. If you would like to share your most recent tax return and/or investment portfolio, feel free. That way, we can review the information in advance. However, if you prefer to meet us prior to the free review, that’s ok too!

Investments tend to rise and fall over time. However, the mix of your portfolio, your appetite for risk and your personal goals all play into selecting the right investments for you. All that aside, we appreciate that understanding how your investments are performing is often confusing and financial professionals typically use a lot of acronyms and industry jargon. At InTandem, we work with you to ensure clarity in all aspects of your finances. If you share your investment portfolio, we can review and provide our insights and recommendations including how your investments are performing.

As financial professionals, we take security very seriously. To ensure that your private financial information is secure, we use a private secure upload service. Once you request a free tax and investment portfolio review and/or become a client, we will send you a secure link to upload your personal documents.

It’s a friendly conversation that doesn’t require any preparation on your part. We want to meet you and learn how we can potentially help. This typically includes talking about your career and/or business, family and goals. If you sent us your previous year’s tax return, we will share our insights.

InTandem’s team is highly experienced in both wealth and tax. Our leaders have 100+ years of experience and have the tax and wealth qualifications you’d expect including:

  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant
  • CRPS®: Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
  • FA: Financial Advisor

Our clients tend to be business owners and/or professionals that are poised for future success and/or successful now. Typically, our clients are seeking a firm that they can trust to help them make financial decisions and have a portfolio exceeding $500,000. As such, we are often called 'financial quarterbacks'.

Our headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois but our clients are located throughout the United States. Thanks to technology and our experience in all states, we are able to service our clients nationally.

Absolutely! You can schedule a no obligation, confidential meeting with us at your convenience by clicking here to schedule a time or emailing us via info@intandemwealthtax.com. We look forward to hearing from you!