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We simplify your financial numbers so you can concentrate on your business and patients.

Independent Physicians are Not Financial Experts.

This may be rude, but we have learned that doctors are not great at managing their financial
obligations such as tax planning and retirement. This is especially true for physicians operating as locum tenens or 1099s. Medical school doesn’t teach financial planning and tax management. Let InTandem’s team of financial experts manage your financial obligations, so you have more time and less stress.

"I just want to go to work and not worry about taxes, accounting, and retirement."

Sound familiar? Physicians working as locums have specific financial obligations. We work with physicians that are independent contractors (1099s) to organize their finances and become a trusted professional partner.

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Our Clients

We work with independent physicians that are locum tenens and travel specialists. This includes physician specialists such as hospitalists, OB/GYN, and orthopedic surgeons, to name a few. If you are a specialist physician being paid as an independent contractor or 1099, we can help!

Our Solutions
Comprehensive Financial Planning & Retirement

No one wants to work forever which means that solid financial planning is imperative. InTandem takes the time to understand your life and financial goals. From there, we create a financial plan and retirement strategy to help you achieve it.

Strategic Tax Planning & Mitigation

Good planning has significant benefits, especially when it comes to tax. InTandem’s team can often help to mitigate your tax obligations and reduce your stress.

Custom Investment Strategy & Management

Once your financial plan has been developed, we oversee your investment strategy. InTandem’s team of financial experts keep track of your investments and provide clear ongoing updates.

Tax Preparation, Filing & Management

The annual tax deadline is dreaded by everyone! InTandem can ease this burden by handling the preparation and filing process, ensuring no unexpected surprises.

Debt Management & Support

Physician student loan debt is a burden. As your income grows, it can be tempting to pay off your student loan debt quickly. However, this might not be the right long-term decision. InTandem can help you make informed decisions with reliable financial statements and cash flow management.

Accounting Services & Financial Statement Reporting

The key to good tax planning is all about having crystal clear financial statements based on your 1099 business. InTandem seamlessly integrates your accounting services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending on your needs.

What to Expect

Starting anything new can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve outlined what you can expect:

Listen & Understand

The first step is scheduling a free consultation. Our team will meet with you to ensure that we can bring value to each other – our services are typically valuable for clients that have a portfolio exceeding $500,000. During our initial call (either via phone or video), we will be asking confidential questions about your financial picture to ensure we fully understand how we can potentially help. Once we have a clear understanding, we can review your information and make recommendations.

Review & Recommend

After the initial call, our experts will review your provided information. From there, we typically schedule a follow-up call to share our recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Action & Success

Upon agreement, we will begin to onboard you as a new client. Once that is complete, we will implement our recommendations with a clear timeline, regularly reviewing and adjusting as needed. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with relevant information, reviewing and adjusting as needed.

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